• Dr. Manish Ranjan

    is an Orthopedic Surgeon and Rheumatologist of repute , practicing in Pinnacle Hospital, Rajendranagar Road Number-1 , Patna.
    He has over 16 yrs of Experience in the Field of Orthopedics and has keen interest in
    1. Complex Trauma and Revision Sugeries of Previously Operated Failed Fracture Fixation.
    2.Spine Sugeries
    3.Arthroplasty(THR & TKR)
    4.Arthroscopy(of Knee & Shoulder)

  • Welcome to

    Pinnacle Hospital

    This Hospital is run by Dr. Manish Ranjan and Dr. Manoranjan Kumar and their wifes Dr Neenu Gupta and Dr Madhu Priya respectively.

    We serve patients of

    1. Orthopedics.
    2. Ear,Nose & Throat.
    3. Obs & Gyn.
  • A wide range of Orthopaedic Treatment

    In additional to dealing with all types of orthopedic surgeries of all the bones and joints of the body, we strongly focus on all types of joint and bodily pains originating due to Orthopedic Ailments and conditions.

    Dr. Manish Ranjan

    Orthopedic Surgeon

    Specialized Orthopedics

    At Pinnacle Hospital , Dr. Manish Ranjan  is available to take care of your problems pertaining to Orthopedics, that is, problems arising from the musculoskeltal system , which means that we cater problems and ailments of Bones, Joints, Spine , Nerves, Vessels(Veins & Arteries) and Muscles.
    Our Doctor is available on all week days and an call on Sunday & holidays for emergency & fractures, subject to availability.
    We have O.P.D Services, Physiotherapy, Indoor Services for admitted patients and well equipped and modern Operation Theatre and state of art gadgets & equipments.

    “We endeavour to give our patients the best possible treatment & advise and best surgeries at best prices.”

    Case Studies

    Read our succes stories, case studies and various challenges we have faced in the fields of orthopedics.

    Tell us where it hurts

    Specialized Orthopedics to Meet Your Needs.

    Hand & Wrist Surgery

    We have diverse expertise in Joint replacement of the wrist and endoscopic hand surgery technique.

    Shoulder & Elbow Surgery

    Arthroscopy Elbow Surgery is a technique to diagnose and treat various conditions affecting the joint

    Foot & Ankle Surgery

    Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive method of diagnosing and treating ankle symptoms and problems

    Spine Surgery

    A spinal fusion surgery involves using a bone graft to stop the motion at a painful vertebral segment

    What Our Patients Says

    “One of the best surgeon in Patna, I meet so many doctors for consultation but his counseling about your complain is superb. I suggest to all if needed kindly visit to Dr. Manish Ranjan.”

    Aditya Chandel

    “He is one of the best orthopedic surgeon in town. I highly recommend him as he is not only a surgeon with great expertise but a man with great heart as well. Thumbs up to u doc”

    Dharmendra Prasad

    “Very good doctor. My mother had shoulder pain since many years, but now she is doing very fine. Gives good time for discussion with patient. Highly recommended”

    Sushil Kumar

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