Management of a case of Implant failure and Non-Union in a patient with tumor of Left Femur

Patient Name:  HARI KISHOR RAI

Patient City:  Not Available

Injury Type:   Not Available

Patient Mobile:  9801963116

Patient Email:  Not Available


60 year old Male Patient was Operated else where for Fracture shaft of Femur with interlocking Intramedullary Nail.





Patient Presented to us with Broken Nail and Nonunion of Fracture and Osteolytic Lesion at fracture site.


Inter Locking of Femur was done else where.




Biopsy(HPE) from Two Different Centers.




Pathological Fracture

due to Metastatic (Cancer)




 Not Suggestive of Cancer:-

So Operation Planned with all options in hand.





Broken Implant (Nail& Screws) removed and after through debridement and curettage, fracture was fixed with distal femoral locking plate and bone grafting was done to enhance union. Bone graft was harvested from patient’s Iliac crest.



  Good Union at 13th Months.


IMG-5517           Good Range of Motion at knee

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