Osteolytic Lesion Distal Femur(GCT,Benign)

Patient Name:  Sufia Parvween

Patient City:  Patna

Injury Type:  Osteolytic Lesion Distal Femur

Patient Email:  Not Available

Patient Mobile:  Not available


15 year Old Female Patient Presented with Complaints of Pain and Swelling of Right Knee for the Past Few Month.

X-ray Show Large Osteolytic Lesion of Lateral Caudyle of Femur



Intra Operative Pictures Showing Size of the Tumor, Defect.





Defect Filled with Iliac Crest


Fabular Graft




Size of Graft

Fibular Graft + Iliac Crest-Graft







                         Post Operative X-Ray.








(29-10-2021)Follow Up X-Ray and 29-10-20 Showing Graft Uptake and Union in Progress Patient Better.No pain.










        HPE/Biopsy: Giant Cell Tumor, Benign

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