Pott’s Paraplegia( T.B of Spine) at L1-L2

Patient Name:  Farki Devi

Patient City:  Not Available

Injury Type:  Pott's Paraplegia( T.B of Spine) at L1-L2

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   62 Year old Female Patient Presented with inability to stand and walk with progressive loos of power and sendation in both lower Limbs patient has also lost control over bladder and Powel, meaning loss of control over Micturition and defecation.

       The X-ray and MRI shows destruction of L1 and L2 Vertebra in the para-vertebral region, suggestion of Pott’s paraplegia (i.e. TB of spine)


Decompression of the spinal cord ; drainage and debridement of abscess followed by pedicle screw fixation and bone grafting done.(5/1/2020)






Union in progress.
patient is now walk and has regained control over bladder and bowel.




Patient has now regained full motor power and sensation can walk and perform Daily activities as before after 1 year of operation and Anti TB treatment.


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