Collapse of Vertebrae Notice the Degree of Kyphosis/ Gibbus

Patient Name:  Md Danish Alam

Patient City:  Kishanganj

Injury Type:   Not Available

Patient Email:  Not Available

Patient Mobile:  9182713475

18 year Old Male Patient presented with-

                                           -Progressive weakness of B/L lower Limbs.

                                           -Difficulty in walking

                                           -Sensation below Waist.




X-ray and MRI show wedging and collapse of Thoracic D8-10 Vertebral bodies, resulting in kyphosis and U.M.N Symptoins like Ankle and Knee Clonus and Exaggerated Knee and Ankle Jerks.







X-ray Shows Collapse of Vertebrae Notice the Degree of Kyphosis/ Gibbus.







Post-Operative X-ray:

Long Segment Fixation that is Pedicle Screws and Connecting rods with Rod to Rod Connection, after adequate Decompression.
Note:- That the Kyphosis has Been Corrected to Great Extent.(03/09/2021).







Follow up X-ray(08/02/2021) Signs of handling present.
Patient better also neurological difficult.
Patient playing cricket and bicycling against advice.








Sear marks of Surgery.

             No Scoliosis.

             Shoulders at same level.







Lateral Profile Showing that Kyphosis / Gibbus has been corrected significantly.

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