Total HIP Replacement(THR) on the Right Hip in Pt. with Sickle Cell Disease

Patient Name:  Yasmin Parveen

Patient City:  patna

Injury Type:  THR

Patient Email:  Not Available

Patient Mobile:  8789223978




28 years, female patient presented with complaints of a pain B/L (both sides) Hip; (right more than left), with inability to walk without support and pain not subsiding inspite of daily analgesics 2 – 3 times a day.







X-ray was advised which shows both sided AVN(Avascular Necrosis) of femoral heads.
But her hemoglobin level has too low. She said that she often required BT(Blood Transfusion)




She had two deliveries earlier by CS(Caesarean Section) and then also BT(blood transfusion) was required and she survived with some difficulty (post operative) then.


I suspected some underlying disease and sent her to a hematologist who diagnosed it as “SICKLE CELL DISEASE”

We Counselled the patient of risks of surgery, but she was in so much pain that she opted for the surgery.





We did total HIP replacement(THR) on the Right Hip with some difficulties intra-op from the anesthetic point of view, and the femoral canal was also very narrow and we had little struggle in getting even the smallest femoral stem in, but eventually we came out well.



Fortune favored the brave( my Patient) and now she is walking with no pain in Right Hip and some Pain and very little medication for the left Hip


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